Cox and Box
Words: F.C. Burnand
Music: Arthur Sullivan
Written in: Authored Date: , St James Theatre London

Cox and Box tells of the complications which arise from the action of an unscrupulous lodging house-keeper, one Sergeant Bouncer, who obtains double rent for one of his rooms by letting it to two tenants simultaneously, for one of them is away at work each night, and the other each day. An unexpected holiday granted to the day-worker brings him back to his lodgings during the daytime, and he finds his co-tenant in occupation. Troubles ensue, but in true comic opera fashion, everything is sorted out by the final curtain.


In 1867 - some years before the first collaboration between Gilbert and Sullivan - F. C. Burnand thought of turning Maddison Morion's farce, Box and Cox, into a musical piece. Burnand reversed the title and made the landlady into Sergeant Bouncer so that a military flavour might be introduced. A chance meeting between Burnand and Sullivan led to the latter composing his first music for the stage, and Cox and Box was successfully produced and accorded an enthusiastic reception.

Cox and Box, November 2011, Hanger Farm Arts Centre
Cox and Box, July 1984, Nuffield Theatre
Cox and Box, March 1971, The Guildhall
Cox and Box, April 1952, The Guildhall
Cox and Box, February 1949, The Avenue Hall

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